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Ultrafast and Optoelectronic Spectroscopy

The Sfeir group’s research is focused on macromolecular and nanoscale materials with novel functional properties relevant to emerging sustainable energy technologies. The heart of our research program is materials discovery and the associated challenges for demonstrating advanced functionality. We specialize in:

(i) the development of non-invasive and high-throughput ultrafast tools to address difficult chemical and materials science problems

(ii) the design and implementation of nanophotonic platforms that enhance the performance of photophysical and photochemical light harvesting processes

Advanced spectroscopic tools are extremely important to energy technologies, as they are uniquely able to elucidate the processes that enable the conversion of light energy to other forms (electricity, fuels, coherent quantum states) while quantifying the dominant recombination channels and kinetic bottlenecks (i.e., where is energy being lost?). This information is a necessary for optimizing materials and articulating optimal device architectures. We leverage high-throughput, non-invasive advanced characterization methods based on optical, infrared, and terahertz radiation to uncover new functional properties and evaluate tailored device implementations of materials for emerging technologies.

Our highly collaborative science program depends on critical partnerships with like-minded researchers engaged in chemical and materials synthesis, modeling and theory, and device fabrication and testing. 


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  • Charge and Spin Correlations in Organic Materials

  • Nanostructured Energy Conversion Devices

  • Next Generation Ultrafast Spectroscopy Methods


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Facilities & Software

Learn about available facilities within the Photonics Initiative.

The Photonics facilities at the ASRC are ideally suited to welcome and foster such challenging interdisciplinary science, offering a highly interactive environment where the best science can take place.  Our laboratories host state-of-the-art equipment spanning kilohertz to petahertz in operational frequencies, with a range of sources suitable from ultra-sensitive to high-power measurements.  These broad capabilities create unique setting to explore wave-matter interactions at the highest level.

SfeirLab Facilities
SfeirLab Facilities
SfeirLab Custom Software

Photonics Core Facility

The Photonics Core is a shared-user facility offering several lasers, light sources, measurement instruments as well as optical and mechanical hardware to support photonics research.

A laboratory support room is available with mechanical tools, allowing users to rapidly create experimental setups. The facility also maintains several photonics-related software packages for computational work.

The Radio Frequency and Millimeter-wave (RF/mm-wave) Core is a shared-user facility.

RF/mm-wave includes the Electronics Fabrication Facility and the Measurement Facility

Custom Software Development

The facility maintains several photonics-related software packages for computational work.

We also do custom software programming for specialized control of our research projects using state of the art techniques.

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SfeirLab Photonics

Ultrafast and Optoelectronic Spectroscopy

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SfeirLab Photonics

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